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Mission & Purpose

Journalism is fundamental to the health of society, and ViewPoint Press is dedicated to informing the public through journalism, editorial photography, and educational events. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation dedicated to the benefit of the public, and we strive to leverage our knowledge, skills, and experience to educate the public, share different perspectives, broaden horizons, and shine a new light on the world.

Our actions are guided by our Policies And Standards, to ensure that we are acting in the best traditions of journalism, and in the interest of the public.


Our team is made up of people passionate about journalism and providing new insights and perspectives – and sharing these insights as broadly as possible.


  • James Ellis, President
  • Adam Caudill, Secretary & Editor-in-Chief
  • Julia Caudill
  • Sarah Ellis

Directors & officers of ViewPoint Press receive no salary, bonuses, or other compensation for their work with ViewPoint Press (with the exception of reimbursement for reasonable expenses). This ensures that all funds are directed to advancing the mission we are all passionate about. More information about how we operate, and the rules we follow can be found in our bylaws.

Work With Us

If you are interested in working with us, volunteering, or in a partnership opportunity, please contact us.

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You can learn more about using our content in your own outlet, including access to our full archive, on our Licensing page.

We explain our editorial and independence policy, along with others, on our Policies And Standards page.