ViewPoint Press Foundation, Inc. issues credentials to team members that are actively engaged in journalism, and may need additional access to events to provide detailed and through reporting. These credentials are used under the following rules:

  1. Issued only to those that are actively engaged in journalistic reporting.
  2. Must be displayed prominently when performing work for ViewPoint Press; and must not be used, worn, or displayed when working independently, or when working for another organisation, or to further any personal interest.
  3. Bearers of ViewPoint Press credentials must comply with all Policies and Standards, including those of professional and ethical behaviour.
  4. Any access granted beyond that normally available to the general public is considered a privilege, and demands respect, care, and courtesy. Bearers of credentials issued by ViewPoint Press must not demand any greater access than that granted to the general public, though may request such access in a respectful manner.
  5. ViewPoint Press is a United States-based organisation, headquartered in Austin, Texas, though representatives may report on events or issues anywhere in the world.

For Law Enforcement & Government

You are respectfully requested to grant such access as is reasonable and safe to the bearer of our credentials, for the sole purpose of journalistic reporting. Our representatives pledge to act with respect, courtesy, care, and due deference to all authorities when reporting from otherwise restricted areas, and to not interfere in any way in the work authorities are conducting. Our representatives further pledge not to place themselves or others in danger, including placing themselves in a position to need aid or assistance, which would divert attention from work being conducted.

Should a representative of ViewPoint Press fail to comply with the above, please contact us at once via email, at

Confirming Credentials

The validity of our credentials can be confirmed by contacting with the unique ID number, and name as displayed on the credential. Our team will quickly verify if the credential is valid and active.

Issuing Credentials

Credentials may be issued at the direction of the Editor-in-Chief to any director, officer, employee, contractor, or volunteer that is in good standing, is engaged in journalistic reporting for ViewPoint Press, and has agreed to the terms and conditions of receiving a press credential.

Press credentials issued by ViewPoint Press may be withdrawn at any time for failure to comply with the terms and conditions, or for discontinued services to ViewPoint Press.