All of our original content is available for licensing to other media organisations. Licensing our content to other media organisations provides an important source of income, as we are a non-profit organisation, and to further our mission and maximise the impact of the work we do.

Non-Profit Media Partners

For other non-profit organisations that are able to demonstrate 501(c)(3) status in the United States, or foreign equivalents, we are happy to enter into licensing agreements that make our entire archive available, including works that we did not publish. As we believe in the power and importance of non-profit media, such arrangements will be made available at substantially below standard commercial rates. We are also happy to engage in zero-cost cross-licensing arrangements.

Commercial Media Partners

For-profit media companies are able to license any of our original content, either after publishing or for simultaneous publishing. Content licenses are priced at industry standard rates, and are available to all media organisations.

No Exclusive Licenses

To ensure that our content is readily available to our supporters, and our non-profit media partners, we do not offer exclusive licenses to any of our original content.

Journalistic Uses Only

The content we produce is exclusively for the benefit of the public, and is not to be used to further the interest of companies or specific individuals. As such, all of the content we create may be used only for legitimate journalistic purposes, and is not available for use in advertising, use in political activities, or other such uses that are not clearly in the public interest.

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